In Collaboration with "Skyview Survey" Australian Subsurface offers aerial mapping and survey services through the use of its RPA Fleet (commonly known as drones). Aerial mapping has become affordable and accessible thanks to the availability of RPA's for aerial services.

Australian Subsurface aerial survey solutions allow stakeholders to receive high-definition maps delivered in a timely fashion (formatted in the data set requirements of our clients), along with updated Google Earth layers, and orthomosaic maps. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated surveys or drawings.

Australian Subsurface offers enterprise level aerial mapping services that deliver high resolution 3 dimensional maps and models with precision and accuracy. Our RPA services are vertically integrated to add value to the construction, utility, agriculture, and energy industries. Australian Subsurface provides a full end-to-end solution, our CASA licensed RPA pilots conduct the surveys, process the data, and then deliver actionable data and media to our customers in a file format suitable to their needs.


Looking for RPA (Drone) Aerial Photography or Videography Services for your project or property?


Looking to empower your business, organisation, or project with stunning RPA aerial imagery? Australian Subsurface photography or aerial videography services can help you to leverage a RPA's eye view. Hire Australian Subsurface to capture beautiful and modern drone (RPA) aerial imagery and generate the traction your project deserves.

Using our RPA services for aerial photography will add a whole new dimension to your aerial photography & videography needs. Our RPA solutions are tailored to fit every client’s needs. Whether you are interested in aerial photos and videos for documentation reasons, marketing or just your personal want, Australian Subsurface photography and videography is a tool for you.

Let us help you stand out from your competitors by using Australian Subsurface RPA  photography and videography services. If you want to capture amazing images, We are CASA licensed operators and have competent and experienced RPA Pilots to deliver premium high quality data.