Australian Subsurface conducts surveys of stormwater and sewer using the latest CCTV pipeline inspection systems manufactured by IBAK in Germany. This modular camera system is capable of surveying storm water and sewer pipes from 50 mm up to large diameter pipelines. Drain camera Canberra.

The versatility of our inspection concept and our range of camera size, shape and mobility enables inspections to be carried out almost anywhere, from the top of high-rise buildings to deep within mine shafts, as well as under-water pipelines.

Images are transmitted to an onboard high resolution screen to enable prompt detection of any defects/abnormalities in the pipeline. These faults can be traced using a radio receiving unit to locate the problem and avoid costly excavation. The reports are compiled using dedicated WINCAN V8 software and the data can be recorded in many formats to either HDD or DVD. 

Photographs and video are captured directly from the survey video and video clips help provide evidence of incidents such as water ingress. We also offer detailed analysis and reporting of defects plus the ability to do post-rehabilitation surveys. "Before" and "After" photographs can be printed out together as evidence that repairs have been carried out correctly. All using the latest reporting software.

Australian Subsurface has undertaken training in the 'Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia, WSA05 2008, published by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), this replaces the Sewer Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA05 2002 which in turn replaced the Australian Conduit Condition Evaluation Manual (ACCEM).